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US Securities Trading Guide
  • US Stock Margin Financing
  • US securities trading guide

China Galaxy International has always been dedicated to business innovation and quality customer services to reward our clients by optimizing client’s investment experience. With this objective,Galaxy International has launched the 「US Stock Margin Financing」. Apart from providing comprehensive margin financing services of Hong Kong stock and China Connect Stock, over 400 US stocks are brought to the table. You will have a more flexible investment plan to grasp every investment opportunity in both Hong Kong, A-share and US stock market, to generate higher potential returns with less capital.

Features of U.S. Stock Margin Financing:

  • - China Galaxy International Securities has thoroughly assessed the various conditions and factors of each stock, now offer more than 400 marginable U.S. stocks for margin trading. China Galaxy International is one of the local brokerage companies that provide the largest number of marginable stocks for trading in the U.S. market.
  • - Margin Financing ratio up to 70%;
  • - Annual Interest Rate as low as 5%
  • - Easy and fast application procedures: customers only need to open up a securities margin account before they can enjoy the U.S. stock margin trading services

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