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Start your first automated trading platform!






China Galaxy International is leading the industry in Hong Kong to bring you to the world of automated trading by providing you with the fully automated trading platform - MultiCharts! It allows you to experience the benefits of automated trading and turns your investment ideas into an effective investment strategy, the market information database on platform helps you master each set of trading strategies and gains you advantage in trading in global futures market.


MultiCharts 6 major advantages of automated trading platform


1)     Easy to learn, exert the execution power of automated trading

MultiCharts’s design is similar to other trading software in market, there are also many tutorial materials available in public and on internet, clients can easily get to learn the functions of the platform. In addition, one of the advantages of automated trading is that it can eliminate human emotions, you can simply use your home computer to exert execution power of automated trading.



2)      Analyze each market entry signal accurately

Automated trading can make calculation and compare tremendous amount of  market data quickly. MultiCharts trading platform not only has excellent computing capabilities, but also can analyze market data to generate market signals.



3)     Trade promptly on signals, gain time advantage on trade execution

MultiCharts trading platform can generate trading instruction based on signals generated by system automatically, it helps you capture the best timing of your trade.



4)     Data back-testing functions, improve your investment strategies

  Every successful investment strategy needs to address changes in market constantly, MultiCharts trading platform’s powerful data back-testing capabilities and real-time and historical market data of global futures help you improve your each investment



5)     The development of your own investment strategy

You can make use of the built-in indicators and signals on MutliCahrts trading platform, also you can use Power Language to write your own trading strategies.



6)     Manual chart order, quick order modification function

MultiCharts trading platform’s DOM (Depth of Market) function can display the market depth and you can simply drag the order function buttons onto the DOM to place an order; also, for chart order, once an order is placed, you can simply drag the order line on the chart to change the order price.