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Deposit and Withdrawal

1.      How to deposit funds in my China Galaxy account?

You can make deposit via Bank of China (HK) Ltd, HSBC (HK) Ltd, and Standard Chartered Bank (HK) Ltd to your China Galaxy account. For more detail please refer to "Fund Deposit & Withdrawal" section.


2.      How to withdraw funds from my account?

If you have already registered a bank account with us, then you can either contact AE or fill in Cash Withdrawal form for instruction. Otherwise, please fill the Cash Withdrawal form for instruction.


3.      If I want to change my settlement bank account, what I should do?

Please download and fill in Account Info Maintenance Form to update your settlement bank detail.


4.      Can I register more than one settlement bank account?

Yes, you can register more than one settlement bank account with us.


5.      Can I have fund transfer to my bank account in P.R.C? What I must know on this instruction?

Yes, we can transfer funds to your bank account in P.R.C. or oversea via Telegraphic Transfer. Remittance can be sent by Chinese (extra fees applied) or English content. If you confirm that the spelling of your English name on the bank account is exactly the same as our record, then Chinese content is not necessary. Remittance will be sent under English unless there is a specially request on remittance’s language.


6.      If I have a joint name account, then can I transfer funds into my single name bank account?

In general, we will only transfer funds to bank accounts as the exact name with our record. If you have any special request, then please contact Account Executive for arrangement.